Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Word Count Wednesday #9

My goal is for me to spend at least an hour on my poetry and/or revisit a story I have been wanting to work on for a while but haven't pushed myself to do. I really think this exercise will help me get back into writing.

What am I working on? :

Nothing! I'm finished with the year!

How do I feel about the process? :
Creative Writing was a fun experience. I loved talking to everyone in my class; they all are very inspirational and creative in so many ways. I have learned more about myself and my writing technique than anything else in this class. Before, writing was just a hobby I had picked up to write little stories to my sisters, but now I feel much more confident sharing my work with friends. Also, I got to write a lot of poetry, which even though I'm not the best at, I still love immensely. It allowed me to clear my head throughout one of my most stressful years, and I think it also helped me identify what kind of poet I am.

What am I reading now? :

I am reading a biography on Malcolm X and "A Fine Balance" again.

Word Count: 300