Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Word Count Wednesday 5

My goal is for me to spend at least an hour on my poetry and/or revisit a story I have been wanting to work on for a while but haven't pushed myself to do. I really think this exercise will help me get back into writing.

What am I working on? :

I am brainstorming a new idea for the next Narrative Project, and I'm really enjoying it so far! After I thought about my next short story, I decided I wanted to make a bigger book filled with short stories like my last one, "The Places They Go" and the next one, which I have yet to think of a title. All have that poetic meter and dreamy state, but each is it's own individual story.

Also, I am working on the next experiment, which I am also really excited about!! I am definitely modeling a poem after Dante Alighieri, whom I named Robert Dante after.

How do I feel about the process? :

I'm really excited to write this second one, probably more excited than I was for the first. "The Places They Go" was difficult because it wasn't really telling a story, it was more about describing a mood or feeling someone has. This next one has more of a plot and character development, and you get to know the character Rebecca much better than Robert Dante. I'm having a lot of fun with the plot twists in this one.

What am I reading now? :

Currently, I am reading "Animal Farm" by George Orwell. It's really interesting and full of symbols (which I love!).

Friday, March 17, 2017


A Poem

Syrup sweet eyes
And honeysuckle lips
Stuck knee-deep
In your molasses soul

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wednesday Word Count 4

My goal is for me to spend at least an hour on my poetry and/or revisit a story I have been wanting to work on for a while but haven't pushed myself to do. I really think this exercise will help me get back into writing.

What am I working on? :

I am currently done with my Narrative Project, and am now working on my other travel blog I have and some poems here and there. I'm pretty happy with how my story came out, though it needs a little revision after I had some people read over it and tell me their thoughts.

How do I feel about the process? :

I'm just going to sum up how I felt about finishing up my Narrative because I haven't done a Word Count Wednesday in a while and I need to catch up. I wrote Part I and Part II in a long period of time, but rushed the last two parts. One person mentioned that my first ending (which has been revised before submitting) was too rushed and separated from the rest of the pieces. This feedback allowed me to add a whole other dimension to my story which tied in some loose ends but also left some things a mystery, which I like doing in stories. This short story was difficult to write, but also really fun because I really enjoy challenging myself when it comes to writing.

What am I reading now? :

I am not reading anything at the time.

Books/Movies that inspired my Narrative Project The Place They Go :

I realized after writing this that there were so many stories that inspired me without my knowledge and I wanted to list them just in case anyone wants to look further into it:

  • Pedro P├íramo by Juan Rulfo: a Mexican short story I read last year that I REALLY enjoyed and helped me tie in an old idea with a unique writing style. The novel possesses a very unnatural, a little supernatural feeling about it and covers topics such as ghosts and purgatories.
  • Divine Comedy:Inferno by Dante Alighieri: I don't really remember this story, all I remember is there was a path between heaven and hell, and the main character had to be guided along the path. While I don't really remember a lot about its actual context, I do remember being so inspired that I named the main character of my own Dante after the author.
  • Spirited Away: a film I watched when I was little and again recently, that inspired me to write about a new a wondrous world someone sees while their dreaming. I noticed, when I watched it again recently, how nightmarish and confusing the setting is, yet somehow you can follow through and understand what is going on. I think this really helped influence the dream-like situation in my story.
  • La Jetee directed by Chris Marker: one of the best films I have ever seen! Told in pictures, the story (short film) has a very dreamlike facade about it that leaves the audience mesmerized with wonder and fascinated to see what happens next. Highly suggest pulling it up on google and watching it!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Blue Eyes

A Poem:

With tantruming Blue Eyes
Wide in what may seem like forever
Afraid to close them: what lies under those lids
That you are so delayed to show?
It’s easy to bare the hand with the petal
Laced with a tapestry of decorative words
But is it easy for you, so Wide Eyed,
To show what’s withheld in your other palm.
What secrets keep your mouth filled with gravel
Of the rubble left from the last time your soul was crushed
The job of someone who has hurt you before
What secrets do you keep behind those lids
And hidden with those thrashing
Blue Eyes