Saturday, April 29, 2017

Poem Experiment: Villanelle

When your eyes had died

I saw the colors that held your eyes that way
And the way that the dyes died within your chest
When it dried up and left your heart to decay
And you lied and simply said you are okay
But when the hues are long gone you won’t rest
Because you see the colors hold your eyes that way
And through the stained glass windows you will pray
For the blacks and grays inflamed will just confess
The charcoal you blame for leading you astray
You beg those maimed cruel shades not to stay
That flail and cause you so much distress
I saw the colors that held your eyes that way
You pushed all the old photographs far away
That contorted your veins and let themselves manifest
You soaked the rest with the soft tunes of someday
And then your wounds were outside in display
But at least you were red and purply dressed
And least you now had some hues to portray
I see the colors that hold your eyes that way

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